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For Health & Wellness

"Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves.

It is a daily one can prevent you from being aware of each step you take or each breath in and breath out."
Thich Nhat Hanh
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Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

All of our sessions are taught on a one-on-one basis, unless there is a specific reason for teaching in a group setting. Instructing on a private basis allows us as Yoga Therapists to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, which will then allow us to plan specifically for your needs.

Once we understand your needs, we develop a personalized home practice that may include some of the following tools:

  • diet & lifestyle recommendations

  • conscious and mindful breathing

  • appropriately sequenced and individualized physical movements

  • deep tissue bodywork

  • meditative practices

  • visualization

  • use of sound and mantra

  • dream yoga

  • guided relaxation & yoga nidra

  • ... and more.

A typical first consultation and yoga session lasts 90 minutes.

Initial Consultation includes:
  • Intake: Inquiring and assessing student's health history, current treatments and medications, current physical, mental and emotional condition, and student's health and wellness goals.
  • Yoga Practice: Each practice is tailored to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life circumstances. We will then teach you this personal practice.
  • Take Home: Students will be provided an accompanying diagram of the practice to be done at home.
  • Follow-Up Sessions: All throughout this process, you are strongly encouraged to check in with the teacher with any questions, concerns or personal feedback. Depending on your needs, follow up sessions may be necessary in order to revise and update your personal practice. As you change, so must the practice.

We teach Yoga as a complementary system of health, not an alternative one. It supports and works in conjunction with your normal medical treatments, and we ask you to continue your personal health routine as suggested by your doctor or medical professional.

Private sessions are by appointment only.
So please call or email for a consultation.

Private Session Fees - $100 / hour

Please be advised that your initial Consultation, Assessment & Yoga Session is typically 90 minutes ($150).

* Please respect our 24 hour cancellation policy or full fees may apply.

Special Introductory Offer
for New Students
3 private classes (including the initial consultation) for $300 (includes tax).
Class#1 - consultation & first practice (1.5 hrs)
Class#2 - 1 hr follow-up session
Class#3 - 1 hr follow-up session

* please note that all 3 sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of starting (they will not be carried over beyond 6 months).

* All fees already include HST.
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Yoga Outreach Program
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
- Mahatma Gandhi
Welcome to Yoga Therapy Toronto Outreach Program.
Our mission is to identify, foster and deliver healing and life-affirming yoga sessions to people who cannot directly access these resources.
We partner with our teacher graduates and facilities and organizations to provide free yoga to underserved adults & youth in a diverse range of settings, including: recovery centres, shelters, healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, public schools, youth at risk programmes and more.
We also provide ongoing mentorship and educational programs to support teachers in delivering Yoga Outreach sessions throughout the Greater Toronto community.
If you are aware of an organization who could benefit from our services, or if you would like to contribute your time, energy, or financial resources, please contact the studio at or call 416.850.0015.
Meditation Sanga

We will gather on the first Wednesday evening from October to April to participate in a 'spiritual community' - or what is known as a 'sanga.'
The purpose of this monthly meditation group is to practice together as a supportive community. We will begin with 10 minutes of conscious breathing practice to prepare the body and mind for sitting; followed by a guided seated meditation session for approximately 40 mins; and ending with 10 minutes of lying relaxation. The focus will be on mindfulness and how we can be fully engaged in life.

These sessions will be facilitated by Ante Pavlovic.
Yoga Therapy Toronto
(located at 692 Bloor St. W. - 2nd floor, just one street east of Christie subway station)
to 8:30pm
To be announced.
by donation only - pay what you can. All proceeds will go towards our volunteer Outreach activities helping those in need.
If you would like to find out more information, please call or e-mail.
All are welcome!

photos by: EK Park


Location Map - 692 Bloor St. W - 2nd floor
The studio is currently closed and
will plan to re-open in 2021.
We look forward to practicing
at the studio once again in 2021
with limited mat space.
May everyone remain
healthy and safe.

Ante and Felicia

Yoga Therapy Toronto is located at 692 Bloor St. W. (on the 2nd floor), which is on the NW corner of Bloor and Clinton St, with the entrance on Clinton St.
We are one street east of Christie subway station, while there is also a Green 'P' Municipal Parking Lot to the rear of the studio (accessed via Clinton St.)

Drop-in Group Class Schedule

The studio is currently closed and
will plan to
re-open in
We look forward to practicing
at the studio once again in 2021
with limited mat space.
May everyone remain
healthy and safe.

Ante and Felicia

COVID Safety Protocols:
- we ask that everyone self-screen and please stay home if at all feeling unwell or symptomatic
- we will limit the number of students in any class to a maximum of 10 (with up to five mats on each side wall, with each mat staggered so no one is directly in front of anyone else; once the first 10 students arrive up the stairs, then we will ask the teacher to lock the downstairs door to signal the class is full)
- please arrive wearing yoga practice attire and a face covering
- it will be mandatory to sanitize your hands at the bottom of the stairwell upon entering the studio
- everyone must wear a face mask inside the studio common studio areas and only remove your mask once on your mat inside the practice space (and if you prefer, you may also wear one during the practice)
- teachers will remain on their own mat throughout the class and offer verbal instructions only
- whenever possible (weather permitting), we will keep the windows open for fresh air circulation
- there will be no use of change rooms or washrooms (unless in emergency, and in that case, clean up after yourself and use sanitizer spray on the toilet, sink, and door handle)
- we will ask everyone to regularly wash and / or sanitize your hands throughout the day
- we will ask that everyone bring their own yoga mat and props (such as an eye pillow, blankets, etc), if needed (the only studio props that will be made available to the public are yoga blocks and bolsters which will be covered in plastic and each student will need to bring their own blanket to place over the bolster)
- we will ask that everyone bring their own drinking container for water (no studio cups or utensils will be made available)
- all high contact surfaces will be regularly sanitized throughout the day
- we will thoroughly clean the studio prior to re-opening each day

Daily Class Schedule 2021



Studio in use for:


Private Yoga Therapy Sessions


with Felicia or Ante - by appointment only

9:30 am
to 10:45 am





by email)

Studio in
use for:




6:00 pm
7:15 pm











Yin Yoga

Studio in
use for:
Studio in
use for:





6:00 pm
to 7:15 pm

Karma Yoga
by donation



7:30 pm
8:45 pm

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

or Sabrina

Studio in
use for:
Studio in
use for:

Studio in
use for:

Schedule Notifications for 2021:

Studio Closures for 2021:
Sun, Dec.20, 2020 to Sun, Jan.3, 2021 - studio is closed, re-opening Mon, Jan.4, 2021
Sun, Apr.4 & Mon, Apr.5
- we are closed for Easter Sunday & Monday
Mon, May 24 - we are closed for the Victoria Day holiday
Thurs, July 1 - we are closed for the Canada Day holiday
Sun, Aug.8 to Mon, Sep.6 - studio is closed, re-opening on Tue, Sep.7
Mon, Oct.11 - we are closed for the Thanksgiving Day holiday
Sun, Dec.19, 2020 to Sun, Jan.2, 2022 - studio is closed, re-opening Mon, Jan.3, 2022

- All classes are drop-in and open to everyone (unless it is listed as a Pre-Registered class)
- If you are a new student, you are welcome to drop-in to any class. All classes are suitable for all levels.
Please arrive a few minutes before the start time so that you may sign-up, pay for class, and get familiar with the space.

Class Descriptions:
Prana Flow - 'when the breath is steady, the mind is steady'
Experience how conscious and focused breathing helps open the body and calm the mind as you move fluidly from one posture to the next. These classes may also include: pranayama, use of sound & mantra, guided meditation & relaxation, philosophy and the use of a drum beat.
Prana Restorative - (with Felicia)
Begin with Yin postures (holding poses that pressurize the meridian lines), followed by Pranayama (conscious breathing practices), and transitioning into Restorative postures (prop supported poses) accompanied by Yoga Nidra (guided meditation).
Restorative Yin Yoga
This class is mainly focused on floor work, where you move from restorative poses where you are prop-supported interwoven with Yin postures where you pressurize and stretch the meridian lines.
Therapeutic Yoga
Experience individualized yoga in a group setting. This is a lead class where the teacher will facilitate each student to move at their own breath and movement capacity as we practice postures, conscious breathing, meditation, rest and relaxation.
Karma Yoga - by donation only - pay what you can.
Enjoy a yoga class while also helping to support a good cause.
(Proceeds will be donated to various charitable causes in Toronto & India, including our Outreach)

All students are welcome.
** Ongoing Workshops - this is a pre-registered class.
Join us for select workshops throughout the year as we deeply explore the various tools of yoga, such as: meditation, chanting, philosophy, psychology, and dream yoga.
Please inquire about topics and upcoming dates.

Class Fees
1 class pass
    $ 24
5 class passes     $ 100   ( $20 / class )
10 class passes
    $ 180   ( $18 / class )
1 Month unlimited pass
    $ 180
Yoga Therapy Toronto graduate  rate
    $ 12 / class
Karma class
    by Donation
Private Session
    $ 100 / hour
All fees already include HST.
Payment Options
- we accept cash, cheques, VISA, Mastercard or direct debit.
Introductory Offer for New Students -1 Week of Unlimited Yoga for $25
Private Sessions - by appointment only. Please call or e-mail for availability.

Student Guidelines & Information
• Please arrive on time as the entrance door will be locked within the first 5 minutes of class beginning. Also, please be aware that certain classes fill up quickly and we will lock the door once the room reaches full capacity.

• Please advise the teacher of any injury, medical condition or limitations before the class starts.

• Please maintain a neutral body odour and refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or any scents out of respect for other students who may have allergies or sensitivities.

• You may choose to bring your valuables into the main room, however, please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before entering the studio.

• You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, or if you prefer, you may practice on one of our studio mats free of charge.

• We offer a reverse-osmosis water filtration system so please bring your own re-usable kanteens, or if you prefer, we have cups on hand, as well as stainless steel kanteens for sale.