" Delve deep inside you, in the silence of your mind.

When you are involved in your action, you will experience your own Yoga.

Its actions are Intense, Incessant and Perfect."
Dr. N.Candrasekaran
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Teacher Training
Yoga Therapy Toronto offers 300+ hours of in-depth study and practice over a 9 month training period. This unique Teacher Training Program was developed from many years of direct study in India in the tradition of yoga master Sri T. Krishnamacharya.
Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

All of our sessions are taught on a one-on-one basis, unless there is a specific reason for teaching in a group setting. Instructing on a private basis allows us as Yoga Therapists to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, which will then allow us to plan specifically for your needs.

Once we understand your needs, we develop a personalized home practice that may include some of the following tools:

  • diet & lifestyle recommendations

  • conscious and mindful breathing

  • appropriately sequenced and individualized physical movements

  • meditation

  • visualization

  • use of sound and mantra

  • dream yoga

  • guided ralaxation & yoga nidra

  • ... and more.

Each practice is tailored to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life circumstances. We will then teach you this personal practice (as well as provide an accompanying diagram) for you to practice on your own.

Private sessions are by appointment only.
So please call or email for a consultation.

Private Session Fees - $100 / hour

Please be advised that your initial Consultation, Assessment & Yoga Session is typically 90 minutes ($150).

* Please respect our 24 hour cancellation policy or full fees may apply.

Special Introductory Offer
for New Students
3 private classes (including the initial consultation) for $300 (includes tax).
Class#1 - consultation & first practice (1.5 hrs)
Class#2 - 1 hr follow-up session
Class#3 - 1 hr follow-up session

* please note that all 3 sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of starting (they will not be carried over beyond 6 months).

* All fees already include HST.

Restorative & Yin Yoga - Fall, 2021 - TBA (20 hours)

An experiential and theoretical exploration of the practice and art of teaching Restorative & Yin Yoga.

The training will focus on Restorative Yoga on its own, Yin Yoga on its own, and how to
effectively combine the two methodologies in a practice session.

Some of the aspects we will be working with include:
- Restorative poses (with and without props)
- Yin Yoga poses & the meridian system
- conscious breath work
- visualization
- guided meditation
- mindfulness practices for stress relief 
- sound healing
- cakra system
- sequencing and teaching methodology
- ... and more.

An in-depth training manual (with photos) will be provided, as well as all necessary props.
No previous experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Instructors: Felicia Pavlovic, and assisted by Ante Pavlovic
Dates: 2021 - Friday to Sunday, Fall 2021 - To Be Announced
- (plus 1 Thursday evening where you will be assisting/observing Felicia's Prana Restorative class)
Time: 11am to 5pm each day

Total Cost: $690 (tax included).

If you are interested, please contact us at or call 416-850-0015.
Space is limited so please register early as we usually have a waiting list for this training.

Restorative Therapy with Massage

Restorative Yoga Therapy

with Massage and Aromatherapy


As you relax and breathe deeply in supported Restorative postures (held from 3-10 minutes),
you will receive Massage with loving hands to your body’s energy lines and acupressure points.

Steamed Thai herbal bundles made from healing herbs such as kaffir lime, ginger, camphor, cinnamon and peppermint, will be applied to help stimulate your senses, calm your mind,
soothe sore, tired muscles and relax you deeply.

The final treat is the use of Aromatherapy essential oils to help further relax and restore your system.

Space is limited to 15 students to ensure each student receives personal attention in every posture from all 3 facilitators leading the class.

The instructors combined expertise includes: RMT, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda Head Massage,
Thai Yoga Massage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Date:               TBD

Time:               6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Total Cost:       $50 (includes taxes)

Venue:            Yoga Therapy Toronto – 692 Bloor St. W – 2nd floor


To pre-register for this class, please email for details or
to send an e-transfer.

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Vedic Chanting

Instructors: Felicia & Ante Pavlovic


Chanting the Veda-s is one of the oldest and most important practices in the Indian tradition and it continues today with great enthusiasm. Handed down from generation to generation through a process of careful listening and exact recitation, Vedic chanting brings about a state of inner silence: a moment of stillness with profound ramifications for our spiritual journeys

The Veda-s are the most ancient Indian text and the source of many of India's great philosophies. Vedic chanting is quite different from singing and from Kirtan. It consists of four notes, emphasizes precise pronunciation and is one of the best tools for developing concentration and peace of mind. It is a practice with many healing and health related benefits.

No previous experience is necessary and all are welcome

Workshops are typically run either in the Fall or Spring. To find out when the next course is being held, please contact us at or call 416-850-0015.

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Yoga Sutra - Chanting, Study, and Meditation

This course is designed to explore the  Yoga Sutra-s on a deeper and more personal level. Each week we will adapt the meditation to the main themes and concepts so that we can understand yoga philosophy in an embodied way.

Patanjali clearly explains how Yoga refines the quality of mind, clears negative emotions, creates positive habits and behaviours, improves our relationships, and brings forth profound spiritual experiences.

Each session will begin with chanting, then sutra study and explanation, followed by a meditation (guided by Felicia) on the sutra-s discussed.
This course is open to all students, and all sessions will be held online (via Zoom invite).

Teachers:         Ante and Felicia Pavlovic will be co-teaching
             8 Friday evenings in February and March 2021 - 
                       2021 - [ Feb.5 / Feb.12 / Feb.19 / Feb.26 / Mar.5 / Mar.12 / Mar.19 / Mar.26 ]

Time:               5:30 pm to 6:30 pm (EST)

Total Cost:       $180 (includes taxes)

Venue:            all sessions will be online (via Zoom)


To pre-register, please email for details or to send an e-transfer.

Therapeutic Yoga Pre-Reg Sessions
These yoga sessions are intended for a specialized group of students with therapeutic needs. 

General Pre-registration Details:

Dates: 6 weekly sessions
Time: 1.5 hour class per session (usually between 10am to 3pm)
Cost: $130 (tax included)
Group Size: minimum of 5 students to begin the pre-reg sessions (maximum of 10)
Possible Future Sessions: (please inquire by e-mail)
 - Yoga for Auto-Immune Conditions
 - Yoga for Parkinson's
 - Yoga for Menopause

 - Yoga for Reproductive Therapy
 - Yoga for Diabetes
 - Yoga for Anxiety
 - Yoga for PTSD

If you are interested in signing up for any of the above workshops or would like more information regarding specific start times, please contact the studio.

To find out when the next session is being held, please
contact us at or call 416-850-0015.

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Therapy Ball Rolling for Self-care
Therapy Ball Rolling for Self-care :
In this 2 hour workshop, students will roll out stress and tension from their bodies and learn more about their own anatomical roadmap for self-care thru self-massage ball rolling techniques.

We will focus on specific areas of the body to:
- reduce stress and tension
- improve posture and breathing
- relieve pain
- hydrate muscle tissue
- increase circulation & energy
- enhance mobility

Dates:    TBA - email for further details.

To find out when the next session is being held, please
contact us at or call 416-850-0015.

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