"The mastery of Yoga must not be measured simply by the ability to master certain techniques of Yoga like asana and pranayama; but how it influences our day to day living, how it enhances our relationships and how it promotes clarity and peace of mind."
TKV Desikachar
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Krishnamacharya Practicing Yoga in 1938 (silent)
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The Ebb and Flow of Pain:
Your Health Source Magazine
Finding relief through yoga therapy
An Interview with Felicia Pavlovic
Interview by Barbara Bryan
Your Health Source Magazine
April 2007

In the east, a guru means coming from the darkness into the light. Acharya, or teacher, is one who has gone through the experience, and imparts the knowledge based on what they know. They are considered higher than a guru -- a higher form of a teacher. It is teaching from what we know. It is only from embodiment of knowledge that one can impart that knowledge.

When Felicia Pavlovic first began practicing yoga, she was 19. Amidst the deities, chants and incense, it meant nothing more to her than the ambient winds of her faith in Catholicism and prayer. Until 'knowledge' led her to her own embodiment as a yoga therapist.

For almost two decades, Pavlovic at 37, practices her asanas, (postures) while taking annual treks to India in pursuit of being the best yoga therapist she can be. In 2003, it was all nearly obliterated when a near fatal car accident left her with a herniated disc, a broken mandible (jaw) and still to this day, a body that can no longer do the postures she was once so capable of.

The body, breath and mind all had changed as she hobbled around. Eventually, an excruciatingly painful, slipped disc sent her to a neurosurgeon, who told her painkillers and perhaps surgery were her best options. Putting modern medicine aside, Pavlovic relied on her holistic yoga therapy, and after ten days of intermittent postures and bed rest, she slipped her disc back into place. Four years later, from her Bloor St, West office, Pavlovic plays ambient sounds of ocean waves, assuring me that the ebb and flow sounds calm the breath -- and it did, as I spoke to her.

BB: What made you start yoga?

FP: Initially, I came to yoga because of pain management ... I am a certified yoga instructor, which is different from a teacher. In the West, we use those two interchangeably, but in the east, you are an instructor and you work towards becoming a teacher. ...For me it is all yoga because we are working with the mind.

BB: Why do you like this approach?

FP: I think there is something to be said for years of working through things and being able to impart that knowledge. ... For me it was psychotherapy and then you have yoga therapy; it is the tandem of the two elements that brings about the healing process for the individual.

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