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"Often we find there is a disconnect. We all know we should be practicing, but how much are we doing? The knowing is in the mind and the doing is in the body ... but we have to bridge this gap. If we can bridge this gap, then we have understood how to master yoga. The Buddha says: to know and not do, is to not yet know.”

Meditation Sanga

We will gather on the first Wednesday evening from October to April to participate in a 'spiritual community' - or what is known as a 'sanga.'
The purpose of this monthly meditation group is to practice together as a supportive community. We will begin with 10 minutes of conscious breathing practice to prepare the body and mind for sitting; followed by a guided seated meditation session for approximately 40 mins; and ending with 10 minutes of lying relaxation. The focus will be on mindfulness and how we can be fully engaged in life.
These sessions will be facilitated by Ante Pavlovic.
Yoga Therapy Toronto
(located at 692 Bloor St. W. - 2nd floor, just one street east of Christie subway station)
7:30pm to 8:30pm
To be announced.
by donation only - pay what you can. All proceeds will go towards our volunteer Outreach activities helping those in need.
If you would like to find out more information, please call or e-mail.
All are welcome!
Yoga Outreach Program
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
- Mahatma Gandhi
Welcome to Yoga Therapy Toronto Outreach Program.
Our mission is to identify, foster and deliver healing and life-affirming yoga sessions to people who cannot directly access these resources.
We partner with our teacher graduates and facilities and organizations to provide free yoga to underserved adults & youth in a diverse range of settings, including: recovery centres, shelters, healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, public schools, youth at risk programmes and more.
We also provide ongoing mentorship and educational programs to support teachers in delivering Yoga Outreach sessions throughout the Greater Toronto community.
If you are aware of an organization who could benefit from our services, or if you would like to contribute your time, energy, or financial resources, please contact the studio at info@yogatherapytoronto.com or call 416.850.0015.
Upcoming Events
Silent Mindfulness

Weekend Spring 2022 Retreat

Dates: Sat, May 14 to Sun, May 15, 2022

This weekend silent Spring retreat will be held at a quiet and peaceful retreat centre in Caledon where we will learn to slow down and perform all of our activities with mindfulness. There will be guided instructions throughout the various sessions as we mindfully explore Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Silence, Mindful Eating, Relaxation & Yoga Nidra, Tissue Release practices, Dharma teachings, Mindful Walking in Nature, and Forest Hikes along the Bruce Trail.

Facilitated by:      Felicia and Ante Pavlovic

The Location:       at a Private Retreat Centre located in Caledon, Ontario

The Retreat Centre is in Caledon (approximately a 75 minute drive from Yoga Therapy Toronto), and is located on 150 acres of forested trails (Bruce Trail), rivers and lakes.


Total Cost:            $ 350   (includes taxes)

Includes: Private Room accomodation with Private Bathroom; Vegan lunch and dinner each day.


If you would like to register, please email Yoga Therapy Toronto at: info@yogatherapytoronto.com.

Space is limited so please register early.

For those who require a ride up to the centre, there will be carpooling available.
If there are any specific food allergies, please let us know in advance.

Weekend Spring 2022 Retreat Schedule:

Day 1               (Saturday)

  9:00 am          Arrival  &  Room check-in

  9:30 am          Orientation (meet in Meditation Hall)  &  Noble Silence begins

  9:45 am          Mindful Walking Meditation

11:00 am          Guided Yoga Movement  &  Meditation

12:30 pm          Vegan Lunch

  2:00 pm          Forest Hike (walking along the Bruce Trail)

  4:00 pm          Tea Break  &  Bathing Time

  4:30 pm          Self-guided movement practice (ball rolling, yoga, etc.)
  5:30 pm          Vegan Dinner

  7:00 pm          Sitting Meditation  &  Dharma Talk

  8:00 pm          Relaxation practice with Yoga Nidra  &  Crystal Singing Bowls

  8:45 pm          Retire to your own room  &  lights out by 10pm


Day 2               (Sunday)

  6:45 am          Morning wake-up bell

  7:00 am          Mindful Movement – Yoga (self-guided, in silence)

  8:00 am          Sitting Meditation

  9:00 am          Tea Break  &  Bathing Time  Room Checkout

10:00 am          Mindful Walking Meditation

11:00 am          Guided Yoga Movement   &  Sitting Meditation

12:30 pm          Vegan Lunch

  2:00 pm          Forest Hike (walking along the Bruce Trail)

  4:00 pm          Tea Break

  4:30 pm          Sitting Meditation  Noble Silence concludes

  5:30 pm          Vegan Dinner

  6:00 pm          Journey home